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          Mountain Glen Farm                       in the beautiful               Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Mountain Glen Farm, established in 1989, is a family-run grass fed beef cattle farming operation located in northern Rockbridge County in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


Mountain Glen Farm utilizes a holistic approach referred to as Intensive Rotational/Pulse/Mob Grazing. This practice involves the frequent (every one to two days) moving of the livestock into fresh, small pastures. This technique is beneficial and sustainable for both land and livestock.


The constant moving allows the animals to graze the most nutritious part of the plants. The tight consolidation allows the manure to be used more efficiently as fertilizer so no chemical fertilizers need to be applied. A portion of the grass in the pasture is trampled into the ground aiding in the introduction of organic matter which increases the microbes in the soil. Weeds and other shrubby plants are controlled by grazing. The resulting landscape is more natural where the vegetation is impacted for a short time and is rested for 60 - 90 days before the livestock return. This allows the grass to regrow and to develop a deeper root system. The pastures become thicker, denser, greener and healthier. Brush and shrubs are kept to a minimum. Biodiversity of the land increases which benefits the soil, the plants, the livestock, the wildlife, and the landscape.


Our principles of farm management have shifted away from conventional farming to principles that mimic natural cycles and lifestyle; thus, we are promoting healthier meat and improving the environmental ecosystem on our land which contributes to farming sustainability.


Mountain Glen Farm raises South Poll beef cattle. Learn more about the South Poll breed on our South Poll Tab.

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